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Tip of the Week - January 25 2024

Tip of the Week - January 25 2024

How do I know if I am eligible for survivor benefits?

You must be one of the following:

> A widow(er) age 60 or older (age 50 or older if disabled) who has not remarried

> A widow(er) of any age who is caring for the deceased’s child (or children) under age 16 or disabled

> An unmarried child of the deceased who is younger than age 18 (or up to age 19 if a full-time student in an elementary or secondary school), or 18 or older with a disability that began before age 22

> A stepchild, grandchild, step-grandchild, or adopted child, under certain circumstances

> A parent, age 62 or older, who was dependent on the deceased for at least half of their income and whose own Social Security benefit would not be larger than that of the deceased offspring

> A surviving divorced spouse, if they meet other eligibility requirements

The rules can be complicated and often change, which is why having an Advisor with the RSSA® credential on your side is so important.

Need help with that? Start here:

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